The Non Resident Tax (Form 210) is applicable to non residents owning a property in Spain. The next 31st of December 2017 is the last day to submit the Non-Resident Tax form for 2016.

This is applicable to all non resident owners with a property in Spain purchased PRIOR to 2017.


  1.  IBI, including the catastral value of the property
  2.  Copy of NIE
  3. Copy of passport
  4. Address in country of residence
  5. IBAN Account Number if you would like to arrange for a direct debit order

The tax payment can be arranged either:

  • Through your bank account by direct debit payable on 31st December 2017
  • The tax amount can be transferred to us and we will make the payment on your behalf
  • We can send you the submitted form and you can pay directly through your bank


75€ Service fee plus VAT 21%

Note: In case the IBI bill is not available, we can facilitate to obtain a copy, using the completed and signed enclosed proxy.